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Welcome to my portfolio site! As a developer, I possess a keen eye for detail and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I constantly seek out fresh challenges and opportunities to enhance my skills. With an extensive understanding of diverse programming languages and frameworks, along with my ability to think innovatively, I strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but surpass my clients expectations. From the initial concept to the final deployment, I take great pride in every project, ensuring that the end result is nothing short of exceptional. I am a creative problem solver, a true collaborator in the development process, and a valuable asset to any team.
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What I Do

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FullStack Developer

⚡ Designing and implementing user interfaces using libraries and frameworks such as React and Nexjs.
⚡ Developing and maintaining server-side logic using Node.js and frameworks such as Express.
⚡ Creating and consuming web services using technologies such as REST and GraphQL.
⚡ Managing databases and performing database operations using technologies such as MongoDB and MySQL.
⚡ Implementing security measures such as authentication and authorization to protect sensitive data.
⚡ Optimizing web pages for speed and scalability.
⚡ Continuously testing, monitoring, and improving the performance of the application.

Cloud Infra-Architecture

⚡ Designing and implementing scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective cloud-based systems using AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms.
⚡ Creating and managing cloud-based infrastructure, including virtual networks, storage, and compute resources.
⚡ Configuring and managing database services such as Postgres and MongoDB, including setting up database replication, backup, and recovery.
⚡ Creating and maintaining documentation for cloud-based systems and applications.
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